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REALTOR® is a trademark of the National Association of REALTORS®. Membership in the Southern Maryland Association is not only open to real estate agents holding an active real estate license who want to take advantage of our many perks but also others who are interested in our perks of membership and getting involved in our growing association.



SMAR was the first in the region to offer the Sentrilock electronic lock box system. You'll find information on fees, accessories, FAQ's and an online request to transfer ownership of a lock box to another owner.



REALTOR® membership comes with many perks. Be sure to get familiar with what you receive as part of your membership. It includes real estate forms, partner discounts, legal advice, ethics enforcement and more!



Real estate forms are used for writing real estate contracts or to assist in the process of completing a real estate transaction. The majority are published by a number of REALTOR® sources and are made available only to SMAR, MAR or NAR members - a HUGE member benefit!

Committee Meeting


Member involvement is essential to the mission of SMAR. Our members bring a wealth of talent and experience to the day to day operation of SMAR by serving on a committee. There may be a committee that interests you!


Code of Ethics

A great advantage of working with a REALTOR® is that ALL REALTORS® are bound by the NAR Code of Ethics and must complete training every two years.  The code establishes rules, procedures and best practices designed to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.

Ombuds Program

Ombuds Program

Disputes unfortunately arise. This FREE service is available to members that can address and solve minor complaints from the public or fellow REALTORS®.



To utitilize all manners of communication, SMAR produces a printed newsletter that is mailed twice a year. It provides important updates and reminders. There are also advertising opportunities (email Jeanne Exum for more info).


Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The Southern Maryland region participates in a regional MLS - Bright MLS. The focus at BrightMLS is to provide you with the information you need to do business, accessible through as many channels as possible. The insights that can be drawn from having accurate information strengthens your credibility and reinforces the value you bring to the home buying and selling process each and every day. REALTORS® receive a discount on MLS fees.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

REALTOR® members gather each October for the Annual Membership business meeting that starts with networking and breakfast.  The business meeting includes election of officers and directors for the coming year and occasionally changes to the association bylaws.  Attendees receive information on a variety of topics including real estate commission updates, benefits, services, and more!