Member involvement is essential to the mission of SMAR. Our members bring a wealth of talent and experience to the day to day operation of SMAR by serving on a committee. Committee membership is open only to SMAR members. Please refer to individual Committee Descriptions below for specific committee membership requirements.

Note that committees reform each year under the newly elected SMAR leadership. Committee service is actively solicited during that time, however, it may be possible to join some committees outside of the member solicitation period. Your interest in participating in a SMAR committee is always welcome. New members who join SMAR throughout the year are encouraged to consider committee service.

Committee meetings take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and are generally held at the REALTOR® Center in Hughesville. Specific meeting times are suggested as part of each committee's description; however, committee chairpersons have the option to select a different date and time. Chairpersons are asked to coordinate meeting dates with SMAR Staff.

Attendance Policy: The Committee Chair shall designate a regular time and place of meetings. Absence from three regularly scheduled meetings within a committee year (November 1 through October 31)  will result in removal from the committee at the chairperson’s discretion. 

Committee appointments are one-year in length – November 1st through October 31st. If you are currently serving on a committee and would like to volunteer again for the same committee, please let us know by completing the Committee Application Form below.

The incoming SMAR President and President-Elect appoint the Chair and Vice Chair respectively. The Chair and Vice Chair review and select their Committee members. Every attempt is made to appoint members to the committee(s) requested; however, in some cases such as Professional Standards and Grievance Committees, consideration is given to a balanced representation from each county, size of firm, position in firm (principal, non-principal), real estate specialty, etc. You will receive an email SMAR confirming your committee appointment(s).

Purpose: To monitor issues and trends affecting the commercial/industrial segments of the local real estate market. Responsible for sponsoring networking opportunities which attract the participation of non-residential practitioners. Works with the Legislative Committee and the Vice President of Government Affairs to identify emerging legislative and regulatory issues that impact commercial/industrial real estate.

Qualification Considerations: Committee members should have a basic understanding and interest in this specialty.



[See also the Community Involvement section of this site for details on the some of the community activities supported by this committee]

Purpose: Sponsors and promotes activities which will increase REALTOR® identity within the community and enhance REALTOR® public image. Promotes and coordinates the annual Fair Housing Poster Contest and Essay Contest in cooperation with the Maryland Association of REALTORS® and the school districts in Southern Maryland. Responsible for judging the poster and essay entries and for hosting a reception to recognize the winners.

CARE (Community Action and REALTOR® Excellence) Award: Promotes and coordinates the CARE Award in conjunction with the Maryland Association of REALTORS®. Responsible for gathering information from the membership regarding community service activities and assembling the information to be submitted to the state CARE Award committee.

Budget: This committee is partially funded in the SMAR budget.

Qualification Considerations: Members of this committee should have interest in public relations and marketing.


[See also the Education section of this site for more information relating to SMAR education services.]

Purpose: The purpose of the Education Committee of the Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS® is to:

  • provide comprehensive, professional educational opportunities, tools, and resources to SMAR members;
  • plan and promote educational classes that satisfy the requirements of the Maryland Real Estate Commission. In addition to the required subject matters, the committee is responsible for offering a variety of topics to enable members to effectively assist clients and customers in the conveyance of real property or of any interest, right, or benefit in real property, grow their business, and minimize liability;
  • plan and promote community outreach with educational programs to increase consumer knowledge and awareness of the real estate industry; to further consumer access to affordable housing; and to gain consumer respect and confidence of the real estate profession;
  • be responsible for selecting, evaluating and compensating speakers and for providing monitors for continuing education classes;
  • be responsible for generating income;
  • ensure that members of the committee have a basic understanding and interest in continuing education requirements of the Maryland Real Estate Commission and the National Association of REALTORS®; and
  • be responsible for the New Member Orientation class; for regular monitoring of Orientation curriculum to ensure compliance with law and policy; provide information regarding the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, member services, opportunities for service on committees, introduction of RPAC and Grassroots involvement, etc.


[See the Forms section under the Membership menu of this website for more information on SMAR forms and the work of this committee]

Purpose: Responsible for the creation, submission, and management of the contracts and forms recommended for use by the Association membership. The Committee Chair or the Chair’s designee will work with the Staff Liaison to submit forms to the Forms Vendor. Additionally, in conjunction with the Staff Liaison, the committee is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the appropriate forms on the Maryland Association of REALTORS®’ web site. The committee is responsible for having all forms reviewed by SMAR Legal Counsel prior to their release.

Qualification Considerations: It is required that committee members be Brokers or Office Managers. Committee members must be proficient with MAR’s state forms and the various SMAR forms.


Purpose: The Grievance Committee receives ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if, taken as true on their face, a hearing is warranted. The Grievance Committee makes only such preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make these decisions. While the Grievance Committee has meetings, it does not hold hearings, and it does not decide whether members have violated the Code of Ethics. The Grievance Committee does not mediate or arbitrate business disputes.

Qualification Considerations: Committee members must be REALTORS®. Members are required to attend a training program designated by the Board of Directors prior to being selected to review ethics complaints and arbitration requests.


Local Participation: Monitors and reviews all local legislation (existing or proposed) that affects the real estate industry and, when necessary, identifies the most appropriate lobbying strategy, i.e., grassroots, key contact, GAD, or issues campaigns, to implement in the best interests of the Association. Issues coming before the committees should be relative to the day-to-day function of area REALTORS® and not specific to particular parties. In other words, broad issues such as zoning, signage, transportation, and impact fees are appropriate; specific projects or individual zoning changes are not.

Monitors the voting records of the elected officials in their jurisdictions to identify those who are REALTOR® friendly and carefully reviews the position platforms of new candidates for this same purpose. Coordinates with the Government Affairs Director to host legislative breakfasts, candidate forums, and RPAC awareness and fundraising activities.

RPAC: members are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to RPAC by contributing annually during the length of their term.

Using the REALTOR® friendly criteria established by the Government Affairs Director and the Legislative Committee, the Committee will convene with the RPAC Committee to determine which local officials and/or candidates should be supported with RPAC funds. The Committees' vote(s) and level of financial support is reported to the Board of Directors. The Committee will also report to the Board of Directors regarding the expenditure of local RPAC funds for local “issues campaigns.”

State Participation: The Committee will be responsible for reviewing existing and proposed state and national legislation that affects the real estate industry and communicating to the state Association SMAR’s level of support or opposition in accordance with the rating system established by MAR.

Budget: SMAR provides operating capital. The committee chair is responsible for submitting an annual budget request to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

Qualification Considerations: Committee members should have an informed perspective on the local political process and be willing to assist in a non-partisan manner with monitoring and, when necessary, lobbying local government officials regarding legislation that impacts upon the real estate industry. Members who have experience in planning or implementing “issues campaigns”, working on local or state political fundraising projects or who have personal connections with members of our local, state or national elected representatives would be an asset to the committee. SMAR members in or seeking public elected office are ineligible for Legislative/Grassroots Committee membership.


Purpose: Members of this committee shall be selected to serve on Hearing Panels as required to hear matters of alleged unethical conduct by Association Members or to provide arbitration as requested.

Qualification Considerations: Committee members must be REALTORS®. Committee members are required to attend a training program designated by the Board of Directors prior to being selected to serve on a hearing panel. In selecting members to serve, consideration is given to representation from each county, size of firm, position in firm (principal, non-principal), real estate expertise.


Purpose: Responsible for creating programs to encourage, foster and promote SMAR members to excel in their careers by pursuing leadership roles in local, state and national associations. The YPN Committee also fosters opportunities for young members to become active in public policy discussions, encouraging them to become advocates for the real estate industry, and promotes professionalism and community service and provides opportunities to network and learn from their peers.

Budget: The committee is responsible for obtaining sponsors to cover events.

Qualification Considerations: Committee members should have an interest in planning networking events and promoting Association Awareness. Open to the young and young at heart.


2019-2020 Committee Chairs / Vice Chairs / Staff Liaisons

Commercial / Industrial
Billy Fitzgerald – Chair (Email)
Lillian Mattingly – Vice Chair (Email)
Kelly Reynolds – Staff (Email

Community Relations / CARE
Connie Lord – Chair (Email)
Emily Roof – Vice Chair (Email)
Kelly Raley – Staff (Email)

Helen Mattingly Wernecke – Chair (Email)
Bernadette Cole – Vice Chair (Email)
Robin Hoffman – Staff (Email)

Chris Hill - Chair (Email)
RJ Marshall - Staff (Email)
(Capital Improvements, Finance, Personnel)

Judy Szynborski – Chair (Email)
Carolyn Guy – Vice Chair (Email)
Kelly Reynolds – Staff (Email)

Government Affairs
Bud Humbert – Chair (Email)
Tanya Redding – Vice Chair (Email)
Theresa Kuhns – GAD (Email)

Joan Harris – Chair (Email)
Gregg Kantak – Vice Chair (Email)
RJ Marshall - Staff (Email)

Professional Standards
Jackie Alexander – Chair (Email)
Carolyn Guy – Vice Chair (Email)
RJ Marshall - Staff (Email)

RPAC Trustees
Tanya Redding – Chair (Email)
Lisa Smallwood – Vice Chair (Email)
Theresa Kuhns – GAD (Email)

Young Professionals Network
Rebecca Stevenson Douglas – Chair (Email)
Chris Cullen– Vice Chair (Email)
Kelly Reynolds – Staff (Email)

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