SMAR Special Membership Meeting June 13 - Proposed Bylaw Changes

Bylaws GraphicUpdate: Thank you to the members who attended our Special Membership Meeting to consider proposed bylaw changes. After a thorough review of the changes, a motion was made and passed to accept all the changes. 

A Special Membership Meeting has been organized to review proposed bylaw changes.

Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 9:30 am*

Location: REALTOR® Center, 8440 Old Leonardtown Rd, Hughesville, MD

RegistrationRSVP here by Thursday, June 7th. Per SMAR bylaws, a quorum of at least 50 Realtor® members must be present to vote.

An explanation of the proposed changes may be found here in a message from SMAR President Kathy Suite:

Dear SMAR Member:

From time to time the SMAR Board of Directors reviews the Association Bylaws and recommends additions, deletions, and other changes. Our Bylaws were last amended in October 2015.

The Bylaws Task Force consisting of myself, Judy Szynborski and four Past Presidents all wanted to address issues of election clarity and provide for a new, transparent voting process. As SMAR membership grows, these proposed changes and election updates will allow SMAR staff to prepare for and streamline the election process.

The Task Force felt, as many Associations around the State do, that it was time to begin making it easier for all members to participate in the yearly election. This led to further discussion of safeguards for the election and a review of the ballot and voting procedures.

The Task Force, and later the Board of Directors, felt that reasonable qualifications to run for office, and a more efficient Board of Directors would be beneficial for the Association. These changes, in turn, will encourage more volunteer membership and engagement, plus provide additional support for the Board of Directors.

The Task Force met several times and forwarded their recommendation to the Board of Directors in March 2018. The Board of Directors then met in May and approved the revised Bylaws.

A Special Membership Meeting is required for the Bylaw review and final membership approval.

Special Membership Meeting Date: June 13th at 9:30 am at the REALTOR® Center in Hughesville.

Quorum required: RSVP here by Monday, June 4th. Per SMAR bylaws, a quorum of at least 50 Realtor® members must be present to vote.

Below is a summary of the recommended Bylaws changes. I hope you will be able to attend this special membership meeting for a further explanation of the changes and to answer any questions or concerns.

Kathy Lee Suite
2018 SMAR President


Proposed Bylaw Changes

Mandatory NAR Revisions:

  • Article V, Section 3, Pages 5-7 Election
  • Article V, Section 5, Page 7 REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training
  • Article VI, Section 5 Page 9 If a member resigns

Numerous formatting and related revisions:

  • Name change Maryland Association of REALTORS® to Maryland REALTORS®
  • Change board to Association


  • Article VI-Privileges and Obligations
    • Added Section 13, Page 11,  Legal Liability Training, recommended NAR addition
    • Section 14, Page 11, revised Harassment language from NAR and SMAR Legal Counsel
  • Article XI – Officers and Directors
    • Section 2, Chief Executive Officer, Page 17 – clarifies that CEO has the duty to keep records of the Association; clarifies that CEO is head of staff and selection subject to approval of President and added President-Elect
    • Section 3 Board of Directors, Page 17, added BOD Officer qualifications – 3 years as REALTOR in good standing, 2 years as an association committee member in good standing; added Director qualifications – 2 years as a REALTOR in good standing, 1 year as association committee member in good standing
    • Section 4 Board of Directors, Page 17 – County directors reduced from 3 to 2 members per county (6 total)
    • Section 5 Election of Officers and Directors, Page 18 – delete President’s Council and replace with Credentials Committee, add early voting
    • Section 7 Removal of Officers or Directors, Page 19 – process amended: revised from special meeting of the voting membership to special meeting of the Board of Directors
    • Section 8 new, added Indemnification, Pages 19 - 20
    • Section 9 new, added Insurance, Page 20
  • Article XII Meetings
    • Section 6, Electronic Transaction of Business, Page 20, recommended NAR revision
    • Section 7, Action without Meeting, Pages 20 - 21, recommended NAR addition
  • Article XIII Committees, Page 21 added Section 5 Action without meeting and Section 6 Attendance by Telephone.

  Download a copy of the complete bylaws with proposed changes here.  

*According to "ARTICLE XVI - AMENDMENTS" to SMAR's Bylaws, at least one week notice is required to the voting membership.


Section 1.    These Bylaws may be amended by the majority vote of the Members present and qualified to vote at any meeting at which a quorum is present, provided the substance of such proposed amendment or amendments shall be plainly stated in the call for the meeting, except that the Board of Directors may, at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors at which a quorum is present, approve amendments to the Bylaws which are mandated by NAR policy.

Section 2.    Notice of all meetings at which amendments are to be considered shall be sent to every Member eligible to vote at least one (1) week prior to the meeting. Notices shall be sent by first-class mail, electronic communication, including email, or any other means permitted by law that has been approved by the Board of Directors for sending such notices.