SentriLock Update - Apr 13

SentriLock LogoSMAR Members:

We have received some exciting news from SentriLock and have been asked to pass this information along to our members: 

Please note: The following information will not affect current, valid SentriCards and Lockboxes.

As part of the 2019 SentriLock technology plan, IT has developed a schedule of initiatives, some of which have direct customer impact. The primary focus for these initiatives is to ensure a higher degree of security and overall improved delivery of service.

Over the last 9 months, SentriLock has been reviewing its service offering through the web and application interfaces. As part of their principle of “being relentless about improvement”, they are announcing changes they hope end users will find valuable.

  1. SentriKey™ Real Estate: In the Spring of 2019, SentriLock will be announcing its new brand, “SentriKey™ Real Estate”. The SentriKey™ Real Estate brand will have a deeper concentration into refining its service offering to provide the agent, broker, and Association high-value products and services through our web and mobile app interfaces. We look forward to sharing more details around this exciting launch soon.
  2. SentriKey™ Real Estate Website: In March of this year, SentriLock plans to move all customers to our new SentriKey™ Real Estate website. SentriLock did a soft launch of the new website in late 2018 and had great response thus far. The purpose of the change is to provide improved interfaces and functionality to users. Once launched, the website will go through periodic updates throughout the calendar year to continue focus on the user experience.
  3. Email=SentriLock ID: In the second quarter of 2019, SentriLock will begin the process of allowing agents to use their email to log into the system versus a dedicated SentriLock ID. This transition will eventually lead to only having customers use their email address to log in by January 1st, 2020. This will not only allow a similar experience for agents as they have with other systems, services, and social media outlets they use today, but it will also improve security and consistency.
  4. Feature Sunset: As part of the changes in both our website and mobile applications, SentriLock will also be simplifying our system, focusing on the high-value features used. To do that, we will be sunsetting a list of low use features. There will be a few phases throughout the year, but we will start this effort when we launch the new mobile app and website. Most of these will go unnoticed based on usage and we’ll highlight others below but look for detailed communications at the time of change.
    • As of July 1st, 2019, SentriLock will be ending the use of its RAD. With the continued depreciation of 2G networks, and in some areas already 3G networks, it is not a service they can reliably support as carriers make these changes. Coupled with the ability to use the mobile application for all generations of our lockbox, they believe this presents the best possible experience for all customers.
    • In the summer of 2019, SentriLock plans to no longer support Contractor Codes for the Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockbox. While a convenient service in the past, with the introduction of the One Day Code and more recently, SentriConnect® for non-agent access, they believe Contractor Codes have fulfilled their usefulness and we’ll be turning them off for all Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockboxes.
    • In the summer of 2019, SentriLock will sunset Custom level ATM for the lockbox. This does not impact or change the Association level ATM set for access to lockboxes, only the customer level that allows an agent to manage by the property.
    • In addition, in late 2019, SentriLock will be standardizing some additional features as well to improve overall simplicity and understanding for our customer base as well as improve support time needed. At the time these features were developed, they felt that the flexibility of the system would be needed. However, based on usage statistics we’ve learned differently, and the value of that flexibility has since greatly diminished. More details about these standards will be communicated as we near this timeframe but this should be a low to no impact to most users.
  5. Challenge Phrases: In the summer of 2019, SentriLock will be instituting challenge phrases by account for agents. They want to provide a better support experience when agents contact the support center and they feel having challenge phrases is a more meaningful and simple way to validate an agent’s identity when calling. During the latter part of the year, when an agent logs into the system, they will be prompted with a pop-up asking them to create two challenge questions to be attached to their profile. SentriLock values security but also want to improve the support experience and feel this is a great way to do both.
  6. Importing of Passwords: At the end of the calendar year 2019, SentriLock will no longer import passwords from a third party into their system. In an age where private information is regularly compromised, it is in the best interest of our customers to no longer allow transmission of password information from a membership service or MLS. This does NOT impact the use of Single Sign-On (SSO) and we fully intend to continue our support of this service with third-party systems.