Local Students Recognized in Fair Housing Art & Essay Contests

2019 Essay & Fair Housing Art Contest Reception

For Immediate Release: May 7, 2019

Southern Maryland Association of Realtors® (SMAR)
8440 Old Leonardtown Rd, Ste 211 Hughesville, MD 20637

Hughesville, MD - On May 6th, The Southern Maryland Association of Realtors® (SMAR) Community Relations Committee hosted its annual Fair Housing Art & Essay Contest Reception, recognizing the winners of the annual Fair Housing Art and Essay Contests. Over 40 were present including the winners, parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and even a principal. Each of the winners received a certificate and cash prize from SMAR President-Elect, Chris Hill.

Fair Housing Art Contest – Students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade were invited to create artwork based on a pre-determined Fair Housing theme determined by Maryland Realtors®. This year’s theme was “One America – Housing for All.” One winner was selected from EACH of these two grade categories in Southern Maryland: K-5 and 6-8. The two winners from the Southern Maryland region were submitted to the Maryland Realtors® state competition.  During the state judging, eleven winners were featured in a Fair Housing publication published by Maryland Realtors®.  The eleven winners were invited to a reception at the State House in Annapolis to meet the Governor. Congratulations to our local winners Brooklyn P. from St. Mary’s Bryantown (winner at state competition) and Jacob F. from Leonardtown Middle School.

Essay Contest – Third-grade students were invited to write an essay on the theme “What My Home Means to Me.” Essays are judged locally, and six winners are selected - two from each of the Southern Maryland Counties. Essay winners were invited to come up and read their essay’s aloud. Congratulations to Calvert County Winners Violet Klasko (1st Place) and Brooklyn Cunningham (2nd Place) from Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Charles County Winners Madisyn P. (1st Place) from Gale-Bailey Elementary School and Giuliana S. (2nd Place) from St. Mary’s Bryantown, and St. Mary’s County Winners Anna Tritschler (1st Place) and Sam Wathen (2nd Place) from Father Andrew White School.

“Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the schools who participated,” said Terri Davis-Herbert, Community Relations Chair. She continues “We look forward to this contest each year and love seeing what the students create.”

The Southern Maryland Association of Realtors® is a trade organization dedicated to serving its members and the wider Southern Maryland community. We advocate for private property rights and ensure the high ethical and professional standards established by the National Association of REALTORS® are adhered to by our members. We offer our members dispute resolution, education, training, career advancement, advocacy, professional networking, and performance recognition.

2019 Fair Housing Art Contest Theme:
“One America - Housing for All”

Brooklynn P. Art Contest Winner

Brooklynn P.*
Category: Grades K - 5 
St. Mary's Bryantown
Teacher: Mrs. Rison

*Winner at the state competition

Jacob F. Art Contest Winner

Jacob F.
Category: Grades 6 - 8
Leonardtown Middle School
Principal: Dr. Dennie

My home may be very small, only 3 bed rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and living room but it’s over flowing with love. We allways work together (well try). For Christmas this past year my mom and dad got me and my brothers our puppy! He got used to Our Home fast. That’s how I know my home is filled with love!
Violet Klasko, 1st Place Calvert County
Our Lady Star of the Sea School – Teacher: Ms. Quade

Home feels specil to me because my pets make me comfortable. We have a hedgehog, a few fish and a dog. Here are their names: Wanda is the hedgehog, Captain Hook is my fish, my sister has two fish named Bubbles and Piranha. My dog’s name is Asheboy. My parents also make me feel comforted. They cuddle with me and hug me. They make me happy. Something I like to do in my home is build legos. I’m working on a lego home for my family. All of these things in my home make me happy.
Brooklyn Cunningham, 2nd Place Calvert County
Our Lady Star of the Sea School – Teacher: Ms. Quade

Bless this home! In my home I feel blessed because I feel loved. I also feel blessed because I am proud of my home. I am proud of my home because of my neighbors. They are very nice. I also feel blessed because I feel safe. I feel safe because I have alarms and dogs. When I’m away I bring my favorite blanket with Minnie Mouse’s face on it has the smell of my home. I can’t sleep without it. My blanket means the world to me because it reminds me of my home. I also feel blessed in my home because it reminds me of my childhood. I have photos of when I was a baby until now hanging all over my home. These photos remind me of how wonderful my life is living in our home. I feel blessed in my home.
Madisyn P., 1st Place Charles County
Gale-Bailey Elementary – Teacher: Ms. Amy Tascione-Hoffman

My home means a comfy, warm, safe, and a special place. I love my home because my faimily is there, my two Brothers, AJ and Danny. My parents, Mom and Dad. It’s also where I pray. Most of the time you’ll see my mom cleaning even though my house is always messy. When I go in my room and collasp on my bed then read. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad I’ll sing and forget about my problemes. I’m thankful for my house. I remember when I first moved in. I was so happy. I loved my new room and never wanted to leave. Every time I walk in my room I remember those memories are what my home means to me.
Giuliana S., 2nd Place Charles County
St. Mary’s Bryantown School – Teacher: Ms. Garner

I love my home because it is made of love, hope, and memories. I always feel cozy in my house because it has cozy couches, beds and pillows but most of all, I’m cozy and comfortable with my family. My mom makes sure that we’re healthy and fed. My dad makes sure we get a good education. A good memory in my house I have is when everyone spends Christmas in my house. On Christmas, Luke, James, Jack, Ella, Mae, Kate, and I always play until dinner. Jack, Ella, Mae and I are sometimes mischievious but kind at the same time. I love celebrating holidays at my house. A funny memory I have is when Mae kept saying Dili-Dili. But my favorite part of my house is my loving, kind, responsible family.
Anna Tritschler, 1st Place St. Mary’s County
Father Andrew White School – Teacher: Ms. Johnson

I love my home for lots of reasons. One of my favorites is my family because they take care of me when I need help or if I’m ill. I like my room and couch where I can rest and take a nap. I like the holidays there where I can spread my Christmas joy to everyone, play in the show, and drink hot chocolate for desert. I also like summer days where I can play at the Breton Bay pool with my little brother Luke and my older brother Matthew. We play swimming contests and have fun at the night light specials. I also enjoy coming home at night after swim meets and watching shows while being with my brothers. I enjoy playing games like Scrabble during a power outage. I have lots of memories in my home and around it. My home is in a nice community and one of my favorite parts is that I live right next to Luke and Helen so I can play with them whenever I pretty much want even on a school night. I was also born in Leonardtown and my home has been their for 9 years! I love my home.
Sam Wathen, 2nd Place St. Mary’s County
Father Andrew White School – Teacher: Ms. Johnson