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Real Estate Email Scams

There have been recent reports of member’s emails or other accounts have been hacked. NAR published an urgent alert regarding email scams and the real estate industry. It begins: “Criminals are hacking into the email accounts of real estate agents or other persons involved in a real estate transaction and using information gained from the […]


HUGE Forms Announcement – New Member Benefit!

SMAR Members, I have some HUGE News to share! The Board of Directors recently approved a new member benefit for SMAR members… Access to Premium features in DotLoop! That is a $348 value! Interested in taking advantage of this new benefit? Click here and select the “instructions” tab on our website.  Dotloop is the only […]

Education News

June Education Schedule

Click here to get more info & to register! Location: REALTOR® Center, 8440 Old Leonardtown Rd, Hughesville June 16, 2016 MREC Required Supervision Course (9 am – 12 pm) Instructor: Kathleen Dartez (3 clock hours – mandatory) This course satisfies the MREC Renewal Requirement for Brokers, Managers & Team Leaders renewing after January 1, 2012. May be […]

Events News

2016 Realtor Fair a Success!

The 2016 REALTOR® Fair was a success with REALTORS® and Exhibitors in attendance on May 25th at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in California, Maryland. With a diverse group of Exhibitors to visit and Continuing Education Classes from which to choose, attendees had a very productive day. Attendees had time with an extended lunch hour to visit with […]

Community News

2016 Christmas in April Realtor® Volunteer Day

Thank you to all who came out this past Saturday, April 30th, for SMAR’s Annual Realtor® Volunteer day for Christmas in April (CIA) Charles County!  We had 27 volunteers help with maintenance of a elderly woman’s home in Bryan’s Road.  Tasks included: Scraped then painted house outside walls, including walls on second floor Removed trash […]

Legislative News

2016 Legislative Breakfast a Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Legislative Breakfast on February 8, 2016. Over 50 were in attendance to discuss key issues with the Southern Maryland Delegation including: Local Amendments to Fire Sprinkler System Provisions Recordation and Transfer Tax Exemption for Property Conveyed from Sole Proprietorship to LLC Charles County Transfer Tax Roadside Trees […]